Justinas Seibokas

Justinas Šeibokas, collection code VAM-5

Famous Lithuanian architect and educator was born in Kaunas on 4 January1929. From 1937 to1941 he studied at Kaunas 4th primary school, in 1941-1946 – at Kaunas “Aušros“ gymnasium for boys, in 1946-1948 – at Vilnius 1st gymnasium for boys. [1] In 1954 he graduated from the Lithuanian Art Institute. In 1954-1959 he was an architect at the Monument Restoration Institute (“Restoration Workshop”). In 1960-1965 he worked in municipal planning institute. In 1965-1986 he worked in the City Construction Design Institute. From 1986 to 2005 he was a docent at the Faculty of Architecture Department at VGTU.
Five professionally years spent at restoration workshop destined the sensitivity of an architect, keeping his ears open to the historic urban environment. So it can be said that not randomly he had to design the most important objects (“Communications complex”, “Lietkoopsąjungos” building, a former hotel “Tourist”, etc.) in such a setting. The truth is that when creating new objects in the centre of Vilnius city he refused the imitation of historical buildings but followed a new way – the modernism, however, his works smoothly integrated into the current situation by scale, composition of volumes, proportions and rhythm of openings.
Other feature of J. Šeibokas creative works is his interest in innovations and a desire to adapt architectural, technological innovations in his works. For example, when creating the complex of objects of the Ministry of Communications, he was one of the first in the Soviet Union to test the capabilities of “art concrete”. [1]
Essentially, the architecture of buildings designed by J. Šeibokas, being a modernist though, is of clear planned structure, easily grasped architectonic, but alongside his buildings are characterized by emotion, expression, sometimes even overgrowing into forms of the sculptural structure (e.g., “Lietkoopsąjungos” building in Gedimino str. in Vilnius).

In 1958, Project of Vilnius old town reconstruction (co-author)
In 1961, Project of flower shop interior in Vilnius
In 1962, Project of the draper’s shop interior in Vilnius
In 1962, Tombstone monument to E. Tautkaite in military cemetery in Vilnius (sculptor – G. Jakubonis)
In 1963, Project of musical instrument shop interior in Vilnius
In 1964, Tombstone monument to B. Penkovskis (sculptor V. Šerys) in military cemetery in Vilnius
In 1965-1974, Project of “Tourist” Hotel (later – “Best Western Hotel – New Vilnius”)
In 1966, Tombstone monument to V. Norkus, in military cemetery in Vilnius
In 1967-1978, Complex of objects of the Ministry of Communications, Vilnius (with the architect D. M. Mikalauskiene
In 1969, Project of Cooperative Technical School in Vilnius (unimplemented)
In 1970, Monument to O. Sukackiene, Lazdijai (sculptor – V. Šerys)
In 1974, Project of the centre of calculation of pensions and benefits in Vilnius (unimplemented)
In 1975, Tombstone monument to N. Jamontas in Vilnius (sculptor – S. Šarapovas), Saltoniškės cemetery
In 1976-1988, Project of “Soviet press” industrial building with the computing centre of the Ministry of Communications in Vilnius
In 1978-1981, Government Guest House, Gediminas str. 5, Palanga
In 1979-1986, “Lietkoopsąjungos” Building in Gedimino str. in Vilnius
In 1980, Project of the “Tourist” Hotel in Panevėžys (demolished yet unfinished)
In 1982, Tombstone monument to V. Sakavičius (sculptor – Burneika) in military cemetery in Vilnius
In 1985, Tombstone monument to V. Berg (sculptor – Burneika) in military cemetery in Vilnius
In 1988-1998, Covered football hall “Sportima”, Vilnius
In 1993, Project of electronic automatic station of 20000 telephone numbers in Antakalnis
In 1993, Project of tombstone monument for the architect V. Gabriūnas
In 1995, Project for the reconstruction of the “Naujasis Vilnius”
In 1996-1997, New block of the “Lithuanian Savings Bank” (now – Swedbank) in Savanoriu str. 15, Vilnius
In 1999, Tender project of “Rubikon Prodimpex” mall
In 2000, Tender project of residential blocks of flats in Linkmenų str., Vilnius
In 2000, Tender project for reconstruction of Agricultural Bank in Klaipeda
In 2001-2005, Working drawings of covered football hall “Sportima”, Vilnius
In 2006 – 2009, Multifunctional sports complex in Utena city
In 2007, Multifunctional sports, entertainment, conferences, exhibitions, tourism and active recreation centre in Varėna city
In 2007, Youth art and sports centre in Šakiai

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